Meet the Committee

Chair and Trustee - Craig Reid

​Craig is a Chartered Engineer and works for the NHS as the Estates Manager. He lives on the Lyme Green estate in Macclesfield with his wife Rosanna and 2 young girls. After taking his girls to the local park numerous times, he noticed the lack of facilities and has been very passionate in regards to raising funds to the develop the site, to make it a more functional place for the whole community.

Secretary and Trustee - June Dearnaley


​As a qualified Youth and Community Worker June began her career working with local secondary schools to involve pupils in a variety of community activities. She then worked in the Voluntary Sector for thirteen years at Stockport Volunteer Bureau, recruiting and supporting people who wanted to volunteer with local organisations. During this time she was promoted to Manager and also elected as Vice Chair of the National Association of Volunteer Bureau. June then moved into adult careers information and advice before she joined Macclesfield Borough Council working in the Tourist Information Centre and finally at Congleton Library.


After such a varied career June now enjoys a busy retirement looking after grandchildren, volunteering with Age UK and Cancer Research UK. She is also involved with Park 4all @ Lyme Green as having lived in Lyme Green for 25 years she would love to see the Robin Lane Park revitalised.

Treasurer and Trustee  - Ben Smith

​Ben is an Account Manager for a global energy management company. He has lived in Lyme green for over ten years, with his two boys. Having used the park for many years during his boy’s younger years, he realized that the park was far from what it had been and not suitable for the next generation of users. With this in mind, he joined the Park 4 All group to regenerate the park for future generations to enjoy.

Trustee – Kevin Hoines

Kevin is now retired, his career was in law enforcement. After moving to Lyme Green several years ago he became involved in a variety of community projects.

Kevin is a Parish Councillor for Lyme Green, being one of four wards of Sutton Parish. He is married with two children and has two grandchildren.

Kevin is acutely aware that the park on Robin Lane with its limited facilities is in desperate need of regeneration and considers the groups vision to create an inclusive, multigenerational communal area in the heart of the village, to be a truly wonderful idea.

Kevin is a volunteer for Pets As Therapy and with his dogs has visited residential homes, hospitals, schools, day care centres, secure mental health wards and hospices bringing joy and comfort and companionship to many individuals. Pets As Therapy volunteers do not visit people in their own homes, Kevin, with other PAT volunteers will encourage residents to come and say ‘hello’ to their dogs in the park once the regeneration is complete, these sessions providing opportunities for residents to meet others, improving social interaction, health and wellbeing and addressing issues of social isolation and loneliness.

Trustee - Adriana Skulova​

Adriana is a former Geologist, currently working in a local secondary school. She has lived on Robin Lane for over 9 years with her partner Samuel and their two children. Since becoming a parent, Adriana noticed lack of playground opportunities for children and a complete absence of facilities for the local community in the Lyme Green area, which triggered her interest in helping to develop the local park on Robin lane with its huge potential into a public space for all residents as the heart of Lyme Green community.

Trustee - Carole Eardley

Carole has lived in Lyme Green for more than 20 years.  She retired six years ago having spent much of her working life in administrative roles.

She is looking forward to seeing Lyme Green Park becoming a place of enjoyment for all the community.


We have nearly 40 volunteers who provide help and specialist skills in a variety of ways, as a modification to our web site we will be adding further profiles to this page during 2019

Volunteer - Sue Grundy 

Sue is a former HR Director, latterly working for a charity and has lived in Lyme Green for over 10 years. Sue is a volunteer for Park 4all @ Lyme Green offering support and advice on all aspects of Safeguarding.

Volunteer - Mike Westcott

Mike has lived in Lyme Green for almost 30 years, prior to retirement was involved in the setting up and running of the charity Macclesfield and District Disability Information Bureau (DIB). Interested in wildlife, gardening, music and football. Able to assist Parks4 all in a clerical capacity.

Volunteer - Cyril Charles Benson

My name is Cyril Charles Benson.

I live on the Weston Estate in Macclesfield. I was as a Manufacturing manager for 24 years and since then worked in other manufacturing industries and the  timber industry. Although work has been mainly indoors, my life has been filled with the love of fitness, exercise and a love of the outdoors and open spaces. I got involved with Kevin Hoines through his Bluebell Project as a volunteer at Cops Meadow in Sutton. Since then I've volunteered for a number of projects locally and further afield.

3 years ago due to my passion for fitness I qualified as a Personal Trainer/Nutritional Support for Fitness and Cognitive Coach. Again I do this on a voluntary basis.

Kevin told me about the concept for

Park4all at Lyme Green and of course I thought what a great idea. I would like to volunteer for whatever is thrown my way, but maybe one of the items I can help out with is my experience with exercise and the feel good factor. 

Exercise provides many mental and physical health benefits. A simple change in location could exponentially increase those benefits? "Park4all" 

Outdoor exercise, also known as “green exercise,” combines two health-enhancing activities: moving your body and getting outdoors. And the results are exceptional. If you’re looking to enhance your mood,, get fit, and feel good about yourself, look no further than the great outdoors."Park4 all" and getting happiness through Mother Nature.

Outdoor exercise provides a mental health boost beyond that of indoor gyms. Moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood, and the exposure to sunlight enhances vitamin D production,  For a quick afternoon pick-me-up, head outside to enjoy a  break, "Park4all" and return home or to work feeling energized.

As little as five minutes of outdoor exercise can improve self-esteem, so imagine what an hour can do to improve your life. A regular dose of outdoor activity can help boost the already powerful esteem-enhancing effect of exercise.

The outdoor environment provides a no cost solution for exercise too.. Taking advantage of the great outdoors "Park4all" can take as short or long as you require it too. It provides an ideal walking, running,  cycling, stretching and resistance training, using equipment n a beautiful countryside setting, Park4all"

One of the greatest benefits of outdoor exercise lies in its inherent opportunity to connect with Mother Nature and the people and places in your community and enhance your appreciation for the beauty around you.

Don’t let the prospect of outdoor activity scare you. All you have to do it get out and go!